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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Someone's sneaking 'round the corner Could that someone, be Jack the Knob

What a joke, Jack Straw’s appeasing the Muslim community statement about the disproportionate retaliation of the Israeli Army. Jack must have gone to the same armchair general academy as‘Rummy’. You may remember him, he pushed the US Army so far up the road to Baghdad that they left their stores and reserves behind and got flanked by units of the Iraq Republican Guard. Big hush hush job on that piece of news.

Anyway back to our Jack. So proportionate retaliation would mean Israel firing back the same way the Hezbullah attack? Hmmm, that could go on for years, would it not? So what is the best way to stop terrorist attack? Well don’t ask Jack for Christ’s sake, we would all end up with super doper biometric, self arse wiping identity cards. Israel are doing the right thing militarily speaking and well within international law, they are invading a country that has allowed and supported terrorist activity. They are then going to seek out, during the occupation, the supporters and activist of the Hezbullah and kill them, as these people live by no other law than their own, definably not the law of Allah. Now I am going to make it simple for you Jack. If you really piss a big boy off in the play ground and he lives by the creed of eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth. You will get your rimless spec’s bent out of shape and your nose blooded.


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