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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Find Maria Rip Off Blog

Finding a Maria? My bottom, what a blatant con, Bryony, the knock kneed girl, who is worryingly bi polar, is a ringer, just to pep up a bogglingly boring talent show. Poorly presented. By a little Irish queer who has a face like a punched pig and about as entertaining as erupted carbuncle. The programme is clearly designed to con the coppers out of the pathetic viewer, by invitation to dial in a vote. Perhaps feel gratified you might have made a difference. This is the talentless seeking the almost talentless. No wonder Lord Creepy is panicking about the selections.

The bossy lesbo matrons at the BBC have fitted us up again and guess what we deserve it. We pay a licence fee, for what? Watch ailing celebs fall off Horses and again spend our hard earned shirt buttons on a vote that is manipulated. We rolled over when hapless hags closed Top of the Pops, because they could see no way of raising ‘vote income’ from it. Spend your money on a favourite charity. This is television without substance, couth or skill.


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