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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lethal Blog

The majority of this country believes that the state shall not take life in retribution for crime. As more attempts are made to kill on mass by Terrorist action. There is a shift in general thought to reintroduce capital punishment, to discourage further attempts on the UK. It was first thought the main offensive were subjects of Muslim countries. We now know that we are dealing with a home bred, possibly a second or third generation British subjects of Muslim faith. Should we protect our country, society and laws with this definite action? (Comments please) Like Bush’s America? The USA has been shocked in to severe paranoia that federal system declared war on its own electorate, who in turn are prepared to bring back the ultimate punishment with some of the 50 states looking at a rival of law or like Florida considering an upgrade from electrocution affectionately known as ‘Old Sparkey’ to some thing more humanitarian. Its astounding that that a attitude so flippant to annihilation on such elderly apparatus by the sunshine state. That’s the same is even bothering to look for a softer option. Its confusing that they never entertained the deregulation while becoming the number one for children’s amusements.
Guerrillas in our midst. It’s not new for a country to be invaded in such away, as most of us expect the perpetrators to be of another nationality, it offers a comfortable distance. If it is decided that we introduce the death penalty for terrorist extreme action how the individual would be dispatched? Do we choose a method that involves a method that in spire’s a satisfaction, or should we look into a military method, the firing squad? But would that serve the satisfaction of a martyr’s death, Messy, and an indelible damage to the officers and men, who have to perform a destructive deed. There is lethal Injection of course, simple, humane, economical, and impersonal. What should it be? (comments please) What ever method is chosen, should the state decide to descend to barbarism. The trail and the execution must be done with no publicity, no promise of pardon or appeal and no detainment before death. Once the sentence is past a period of six hours must elapse. This may seem a bit harsh but the victims of crime or war were given no chance to prepare themselves. Its unfortunate the society has to consider and take such drastic action. Is there another way to get the message across? Comments Please.


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