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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Nazi Brother Blog

Congratulations to AOL PageMaker’s, the Editor must have been so pleased. Normally I avoid doing the poll thing, yes, no or simply don’t give a flying Corgi. But this one just had to be done, it was AOL’s Big Brother Boredom Poll, and for the first time, I found myself in agreement with others Yes it is bloody tedious. In fact the whole concept of the voyeur programme is mind rotting. My cat has more fun watching the dog go through several contortions trying to lick its itchy ring piece (its hilarious when he tries to do it on polished floor). What’s the fascination? Are we that dumbed down? That we appreciate the stimulation of watching sexual deviants coerce the moral and ethical behaviour of the other housemats (I meant house mats). The current load of misfits, are an effective emetic. Which is, a positive, but the only one I want to admit to? What is concerning, is the pretence that the programme makers take note of the votes. I want to see the megla weirdo’s who run this rubbish in the house then I can vote then into the nearest corporation gas chamber. These people take advantage of the hopeful and the self obsessed, play god and humiliate, and that’s the audience. The housemates get it easy. Like a zoo they get top medical cover and quality feed, as and when they perform to the satisfaction of the programmes producers. I am surprised they have not got round to darting the poor bastards in the arse when they are wanted in the video room as extra entertainment (BBC have been showing zoo vets do it for years) The show is a Nazi’s dream, punishment and control, deselection and deprivation. What will the viewer be lulled into witnessing next? I know, select a manic depressed schizoid psychopath with a mega esteem problem, supply some cheese wire and every time he or she bumps off a house mate they get a Fortnum and Mason’s food hamper. Dr Mengaley, the Nazi who experimented on children would be so proud. This programme is a perfect test bed for commercial psychologist to try out their theories, with each little task a test for behaviour and reaction. Rewards are the temptation and the power. Big Brother, like the Nazi Mengaley is an abuse. Email or text the Big Brother. Tell them they are abusers.


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